Sunday, July 1, 2012

Project Runway Philippines Season 3 Finale

Here are the finale collections of the four finalists of Project Runway Philippines Season 3. 

Nel, Cheetah, Amor and Milka all gave their best and showed to us that they truly deserve their spots. ",) Watching their collections was one of the most inspiring moments I have ever experienced. Knowing how each of them dedicated their time and their hearts in their collections made me appreciate the beauty of things done with passion. I wanted to be in the finale, but hey, I need a lot more practice to be able to compete with them. It's still a long way for me. ",)

Here are their final collections. 




And the winner of this season, MILKA QUIN REDOBLE

There you have it. Our season wrapped up with amazing collections from the finalists. It was indeed the best! ",)

photos from the official Project Runway Philippines site

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